The Strengths And Characteristics Of Stanley Cohen's Moral Panic Theory

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The moral panic was originated by Stanley Cohen author of folk devils and moral panics (1972), his study was viewed to be predominantly significant. However over the last 20 years the term moral panic has progressed further away then what cohen had intended it to be.Stanley Cohen 's research focus was also about how the media is seen as moral entrepreneurs portrayed others to be viewed upon influence how other people are viewed in society and how their behaviour and attitude is seen as a problem to society. In this essay i will be outlining and explaining the main features of the moral panic theory and i will also be considering the strengths and weaknesses of the moral panic theory. A moral panic is something that appears once in a blue moon it happens mostly when you least expect it to hit you. A moral panic is a feeling of fear that increases between a large number of individuals. The media describes them as “folk devils” a threat to the societies rule of conduct. The media also presents them in a negative way and over exaggerate the situation. The media make it a bigger issue than it seems in order to gain audiences and viewers .In accordance to Stanley Cohen a moral panic occurs when “ (a) condition, episode, person or group of person emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests.” Deviant behaviour between young people makes a “Moral Panic” between the younger generation They are also seen as moral social entrepreneurs as they are the ones
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