The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Public Speaking

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Public speaking (self -evaluation)

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Strengths: When I evaluate myself I realized I have much strength in public speaking. The first public speaking strength is engaging with the audience and making a good eye contact with them. Eye contact is essential when making a speech. The audience seems to respond better to people who looked them in the eye when tilling them something. The second public speaking strength I found in my evaluation is body language. Speaking in public needs more than words to deliver the massage. Researchers says that body language some timers transfer more information than words. The third strength I have is my posture. When standing in front of an
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The goal have in my life is filling a teaching position in King Fahad University in Saudi Arabia. One of the most important characters in a university teacher is speaking in front of an audience. Improving the weaknesses that I have in this subject will increase my chance of achieving this goal. On the other hand the strength I have in this subject will illustrate my qualification to fill such a job. In the same time developing great speaking skills will increase my chance of completing my studies in a respectable graduate school. This also will be a huge step to achieve my greater goal of being a university teacher Goals:
• develop my vocabulary skills
• develop my pronunciation abilities
• Changing the monotone style with an interesting more active tone to capture the audience attention.
In order to achieve these goals I need to perform more of public speaking. This technique will allow me to move from the monotone into more investing active tone. The second step is to read more to enhance my vocabulary skills. This will advance my ability to transfer my ideas accurately to the audience. Finally the pronunciation will be effected automatically when performing those steps. Practicing and reading will allow me to transform my skills into a more professional level.

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