The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation

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DeVry University The road that lead to the Constitution was not an easy road. There were debates, compromise, and many hours spent establishing the Constitution that is still in place today. The Articles of Confederation is the beginning of that road. The Articles of Confederation had its strengths but the weaknesses outweighed the strengths. This lead to the writing of the constitution. The first weakness of the Articles of the confederation is that the federal government had very little power over the state government. This was true when it came to the federal government requesting med for war efforts, resources but was epically true when it came to the financial side. Although the federal government could request these things form the states they could not force them to do so. (U.S. History Pre-Columbian to the new Millennium, n.d.) This lead to the Federal government printing currency, which then led to inflation. One of the major events that led to the writing of the Constitution was during Shay’s Rebellion. The Federal government was powerless and fell to the state militia this is when the need for a stronger Federal government became apparent (McGill, 2017). One of the only good things that came from the Articles of Confederation include Settling the Northwest. This was proposed by Thomas Jefferson. The plan included ideas of self-government. According to (Keene, Cornell, O’Donnell,2011, pg.140) “Boundaries would be drawn along an orderly grid after being
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