Disadvantages Of Having Children Essay

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Marriage by definition is a legal and holly merging between partners(“marriage”.). Also, in another term marriage is two individual people who have such a bond that cannot be broken by anyone or anything. Marriage is something that is gained over a period. It takes work to find that certain someone who can maybe one day become your partner. Marriage is having that someone who they can go to when things do not go right, or even having that someone who can listen everything to ones ranting. When looking at the picture the first thing showing is the joining of two hands. They are both happy to be near one another and are having an appropriate time where they are.
Marriage in same-sex couples is different from couples who are heterosexual. Same-sex
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Kids can be stressful at times and make one frustrated. Patience is needed for every stage of their lives. From baby to adult. Patience is sometimes hard when the situation is becoming stressful, but without it, the relationship will never be successful. There will always be issues, and the child will not have a happy healthy relationship with the parent.
Also, another thing that one needs when thinking about having children in a relationship is the commitment. When deciding that kids are what one wants in a marriage the commitment is a major aspect. When having a child, one cannot change their mind in the middle of raising a child. If someone chooses to give up a child in the middle of raising the consequences may be severe. The child may have commitment issues, anger issues, and even worse severe depression. When choosing to have a child or inherit children it is important to make sure that the child is taken care of and has the attention that one deserves.
Marriage is not something that is served on a platter. It is not given to people because they think they deserve a happy marriage. Some people choose not to believe they deserve to be happy. Another way that people do not deserve marriage because of the way they treat the others in the relationship.
• Marriage is not throwing hateful comments at each
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