The Strengths Of Speech: The Importance Of Oral Communication

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Speaking is a powerful tool to show off yourself. It’s the way to convey your feelings and thoughts. It’s an important means of communication. Without this, there would be a massive misunderstanding among people. It’s a great weapon in changing the world that’s why students are being trained at school to be great people in the present and in the future. To hone the ability of the students in an effective communication, different activities had emerged in a classroom. These are oral recitation, debate, group discussion and etc.
As a student, I could say that these activities of oral communication, have an impact to us. I have some sort of strengths and weaknesses in these practices. In an oral recitation, I could say that every student have their own understanding of this phenomenal
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Still, early preparation is my strength here. I always gather factual ideas and information that will support my argument, ahead of time. I also seek help from friends, asking for their second opinion on my points of argument. And whenever I am prepared, I feel confident enough of what I am doing. This made me comfortable and satisfied with my work. Clear and loud pronunciation is also my strength, in which it enables me to communicate well my points to my intended audience and panels. Aside from those positive responses in a debate, I also experienced some weaknesses in this type of oral presentation. In presenting my speech, the environment pressure makes me feel nervous and uncomfortable knowing that there’s people out there who are criticizing my points. This made me feel distracted in delivering my speech. Gathering strong points of argument that is difficult to rebut is also my weakness. Rebuttals are sometimes also my weakness, especially at times when the point of the opposite side has strong point that is hard to
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