Feasibility Study Of Concrete Essay

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Concrete made with Portland cement has certain characteristics: Concrete relatively strong in compression where as weak in tension and tends to be brittle. Another reason behind weakness of the concrete is that cracks start to form when concrete is placed and before it gets fully hardened.
The cracks are major factor of weakness in concrete in large onsite applications leading to subsequent failure, generally lack of durability and fracture. The weakness in tension of concrete can be overcome by the use of conventional steel bar reinforcement and to some inclusion of a sufficient volume of fibers. Polypropylene (PP) is made by synthetic hydrocarbon polymers which are extracted by the processes of hot drawing
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I also realized the higher compressive strength may be achieved by using certain amount of polypropylene fiber. Therefore, I proposed to improve the strength, durability and permeability of Recycled concrete in this study by adding certain amount of polypropylene fiber with recycled aggregate.
Researchers all over the world today are focusing on light weight concrete (LWC) with high strength. Tall buildings are very popular now a days and it’s very difficult to construct tall building with light weight concrete. So according to Mr. Ahmad Mujahid the use of demolished concrete pavement as recycled aggregate and the advantages of recycling aggregate concrete in construction industry are of large values and environmental issue. RCA widely used accepted that there significant potential for reclaiming and recycling demolished debris for use value added application to maximum economic and environmental benefit and according to the Prof. Chetna M. Vyas after detailed study and analysis find to the early compressive strength of concrete made of natural aggregate and recycled concrete aggregate is approximately same under dry condition and tensile strength was also improved. So we can used to both of analysis something new to added material that is light weight and economic. Fiber and improved to the strength of

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