The String Theory In The Film The Elegant Universe

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In science we have to support our ideas. I believe that the String theory is not fully supported because there are still more details and support that could be added to this theory. String theory is another step up for us to understand more about our universe. Scientists came up with the string theory to describe how organisms can be multiplied and interact with one another in space. In my opinion, scientists should just work with math because math is more convincing than any theories like the string theory. The string theory is not completely proven with physical evidence. Therefore, this theory may be false. In the film, The Elegant Universe, Greene is convinced that in this universe, everything arises from the vibration of strings. Scientist later found that they needed six dimensions to actually capture the vibration of this universe. Greene also predicts how he thinks the theory actually works. According to Greene, he…show more content…
For me, I can see why they would think that. I believe that the string theory needs more evidence to back it up for more people to find it convincing. To prove that organisms separate and multiply can be seen through a microscope. The whole situation with the string theory and how when one string vibrates an electron has passed through seems unbelievable to me. It was also said that one had failed the predictions of the string theory and that no one had succeeded to predict the string theory. It is hard to believe and trust a theory that scientist cannot prove. To sum this all up, the string theory is not supported and should not be trusted, in my opinion. There are a ton of missing areas, in which I believe scientists can help to prove it. This theory needs more evidence and experiments for someone like me to trust it. The string theory is fascinating by the information that was provided, but with some confusion and missing spots, it does not satisfies
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