The Strongest American President

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There have been a lot of great leaders in the history of the United States, but three presidents stick out more than others. These three Presidents are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. In this essay I will be elaborating on which of these three leaders was the strongest president. First we have Abraham Lincoln. Abraham was President during the time of the Civil War. The Civil war was a dispute that would 've torn the country in half if it were 'nt for Abraham. Abraham also would hire people of the opposing political party into his cabinet, he would do this so he could see the opposing argument, this was a key factor in what made him such a strong leader. Truly the thing we as Americans remember most about Abraham Lincoln is that he sought out his entire presidency to abolish slavery. Lincoln played a major role in getting the 13th, 14th, and 15th…show more content…
Thirdly we have yet another amazing leader in american history, I am speaking of Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson did great things some of the great things include, served in the Continential Congress, wrote the Decleration of Independence, and purchased the Louisiana Territory. All of these things that Jefferson did had major impacts on America. For example when he wrote the Decleration of Independence he was stating to the King of England that we as the United States no longer will be bullied, Jefferson was saying that it was time for America to become free. This made Jefferson a very strong leader. Overall I would have to say that George Washington was the strongest leader out of the three. Jefferson and Lincoln both had their reasons to be the strongest leaders, but i belive that George washington was the strongest leader because he helped lay the foundation for America. Someone could argue that Lincoln helped create the foundation, but I belive that he set the foundation for racism. George Washington was the strongest leader in my view due to the time he was leading the
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