The Struggle Between Abortion And Empowering Women

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Since abortion was made legal by Wade Vs. Roe in 1973, 57 million unborn children have been massacred. Take that in for a second. Somewhere around the amount Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler killed combined. 57 million children who never got to become the people that they were meant to be. Soldiers who never got to defend, police officers who never got to protect, firefighters who never got to save lives and brothers and sisters who never got to meet.

Now to be clear this is not an attack on women, though I 'm sure some will take it that way or try to throw shade on the truth by calling it that. It is not. It 's an attack on the lie that the "right to choose" is somehow empowering for women and an attack on the fact that there 's companies out there profiting from slaughtering children becoming socially acceptable. Abortion is not about female empowerment, its basic human rights. Liberals care so much about the rights of refugees, illegal immigrants, and criminals but not our own children.
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Abortion is the farthest thing from empowering, abortion is an insult to women. Telling any women I know that she is too young to raise a child or can 't handle going to school or work while raising a child is a bad idea. The women of our country are beyond smart enough and strong enough to handle any adversity thrown at them. What really is empowering is having a child and the successful life that some want to tell you that you can 't. Killing a child is not liberating and no children have to die for anyone to succeed. Man or
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