The Struggle Between Philip IV And Boniface VIII

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What was the significance of the conflict between Philip IV and Boniface VIII? The struggle between Philip the fair and Boniface the eighth, signified the power struggle that had been going on between the papacy and the empire. After a series of conflicts, Pope Boniface died and Clement the fifth, a Frenchman, was elected pope. Clement concluded that the conflicts in France were too important to leave until the turmoil had subsided. Although Clement 's intention wasn 't to make Avignon the permanent papal residence, a string of French popes were elected and they continued in Avignon until 1377. This period is known as the Avignon papacy.
What makes Defensor Pacis by Marsilius of Padua a significant part of the story of Western civilization? Marsilius of Padua, believed in the absolute autonomy of the state. His work, Defensor Pacis, highlighted this throughout stating that the emperor and the state had complete authority over all contending powers. Namely, the church.
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Based on the video and on your reading, what were the effects on Europe of the Black Death? The black death devastated fourteenth century Europe and had repercussions lasting into the seventeenth century. This pestilence wiped out a third or more of Europe 's total population. The result of this was social upheaval. Extreme measures and practices were adopted in an attempt to combat this disease. These methods varied in both extremes from indulging in pleasures to partaking in severe penance. Prejudge came forth when Christians attributed the disease to the Jewish people. Feudal systems that has been lingering was torn apart when many serfs simply abandoned the land. Labor was growing scarce due to the deaths and price and wage controls were set up to prevent higher wages. This and many other taxes and restrictions culminated into a peasants ' revolt in England at the end of the fourteenth

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