The Struggle For Independence In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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The titular Jane in Jane Eyre struggles to free herself from the power of others to achieve independence throughout the course of the book. As a child, she fights against unjust authority figures, and as an adult, she spurs multiple unequal marriage proposals. Bronte, through Jane asserts that a woman should be independent from others. When Jane was young, she tried to free and defend herself from unjust authority figures. When Jane 's aunt unfairly confines Jane to the Red Room, Jane launches into a verbal diatribe against her aunt. Jane states that she doesn 't love her aunt or even acknowledge their familial bond when she doesn 't address her aunt by the title of "aunt." Even as a child, Jane has a strong moral standard. After Jane gratefully leaves her aunt for Lowood, Jane conflicts with Mr. Brocklehurst. Mr Brocklehurst publicly accuses Jane of being a liar. Jane later approaches a teacher of Lowood, calling in evidence from a doctor from her aunt 's…show more content…
As an adult, Jane asserts her independence by rejecting unequal marriage. When Jane finds out that the man she was to marry, Mr. Rochester, was already wed, she ran away. Mr. Rochester pleaded passionately for her to stay, revealing his unfortunate history and even threatening to use physical force to restrain Jane. Both tactics failed since, as Jane puts it, her conscience personified strangles her passion for Rochester. Being a mistress to Rochester in addition to being financially and socially inferior to him prompts her to leave him. When a new suitor, St. John, proposes to Jane, she again rejects the marriage. This time, it 's because St. John plainly states that Jane would be subordinate to him as a missionary 's wife. Jane soon leaves St. John too. It 's only when Jane is fortified financially through an inheritance and socially by newly discovered family that Jane marries a blind and crippled Mr. Rochester. A marriage without equality, according to Bronte, shouldn 't have to be the only option

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