The Struggle For Power In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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People tend to always want to be in control and have power over everything, but when evil sets in it becomes a tragic story just like "The Tempest". In the play "The Tempest", written by William Shakespeare, tells a story about struggle for power. A terrible storm wrecks a ship on what is thought to be a deserted island. On this island there are several people who do not discover each other till the end. In the midst of all of the chaos that is approaching, Prospero, knows everyone who is in the island. Prospero and his spirit Ariel find things out and use it against everyone in the end so Prospero can look like the hero. At this point, Prospero is left with the decision to keep tricking everyone or to just bring them together and seek revenge. Throughout this play there are many events and actions put into the setting to understand the theme, struggle for power. Whether it's servants trying to take over or kings and duckies seeking their revenge. Shakespeare uses…show more content…
Many of these characters think one another are dead like everyone thinks that King Alonso and the kings son Ferdinand are dead. "Since you've given my dukedom back to me, I'll give you something equally nice, or at least I'll give you an amazement to satisfy you..." Prospero comes into the play knowing everyone on the island and on the ship. Prospero acts like Ferdinand is dead when he is really with Miranda playing chess. King Alonso soon then believes his son is dead lying in mud at the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes people trick each other by thinking someone has left, moved, or quit just to have the higher spot for the day. No matter the placement of the job they all strive to be better than another. If they are just a sales manager, the person who takes calls, someone who sits in meetings, or anything that's better than the job they have now in the company they strive to be

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