The Struggle In Jerome Charyn's White Trash

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In the short story; White Trash, by Jerome Charyn. The main protagonist Prudence Miller. She was an orphan kid, she went to women’s prison, but shortly she escaped. She was a murderer. She killed seven men and woman. She was a robber across several states, and she had robbed in nine McDonald’s and seven Home Depots. She escaped from prison and made her way to the Bronx because of the advice of her cellmate Emma Mae. She told Prudence about the Bronx and a place where the cops never patrolled McDonald's. Prudence said that The Bronx was filled with Latinas and black men, Emma had told her the only whites who lived there were “Trash.” Prudence met Omar Kaplan, who supposedly will help her. The story of White Trash, begins with the conflict…show more content…
He made her feel comfortable around there. He got the fancier food at home, but his true intentions where to take her to the policy, since when one night she was waiting for Omar, she decided to read, so when she open the book she found some kind of bookmark, “ But this bookmark had her face on it, and a list of her crimes. It had a black banner on top. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE. Like the title of a macabre song. There were words scribbled near the bottom. Dangerous and demented.” Once she find out that Omar knew who she was before she arrived. She didn't have the chance to run as a result Omar got home and after some exchange of arguments she got shot. While she was dying in Omar’s arms, all the though and memories of all the people she had killed came to her mind. “ And that’s when she had a vision of the night managers behind all the blood. Six men and a woman wearing McDonald’s bibs, though she hadn't remembered them wearing those. They had eye sockets without the liquid complication of eye themselves. Pru was still implacable toward the managers. She would have shot them all over again.” Not even when she was dying, she didn't feel sorry for all the crimes she
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