The Struggle In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Everybody faces problems. It is an inevitable part of human existence, as conflicts are always present during people’s lives. The way that they respond to these problems, however, varies from person to person, and eventually shapes who that person becomes. Whether they go against their problems head-on or run from them, all human beings are eventually forced to face the conflicts of their lives. The way one responds to their problems directly changes who one will become in future, whether it be through what happened while they resolved the dilemma or what happened if they avoided facing the complication. Walter from A Raisin in the Sun, for example, ran away from his problems. Instead of doing what he knew he needed to do, he decided to spend…show more content…
However, I faced the issue head-on and ended up completing the course. Looking back on this issue and how I solved it has taught me how to persevere through obstacles and to keep on going, rather than giving up as soon as something doesn’t go your way. From a research standpoint, Nicolaus Copernicus was a very good figure to discuss in this respect. He had not run from his problems with the church, per se, but had hid from his problems. He had kept all of his work secret from the church, only having his works published after death. This method of facing his problems had let him have more freedom, making him fearless of what would happen to him when published. All problems that anyone has will eventually be dealt with, whether they like it or not. Running from your issues is usually not a good idea, however actually facing them is the right way to go. Everyone changes through their responses to obstacles in their life, whether through the course of the problem as they run from it, or as a result from facing it head-on. The next time one is faced with a problem, it is a smart idea to consider what might happen depending on what response one would
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