The Struggle In William Carlos Williams The Use Of Force

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Delecation from the pain of others

“The Use of Force” by William Carlos Williams is about a doctor that is given a mandate to use force to determine a diagnosis. He is filled with savage joy when he is able to overpower a young girl. “A Visit of Charity” follows a young “Campfire Girl” as she visits an old lady's home for points. “The Man in the Well” is about a group of young friends who find a man trapped in a well. In all of these stories, when given power over others, the characters used their power for their own amusement. “The Use of Force” begins with the doctor arriving at the Olson home. The mother and father are known to be desperate because they have spent three dollars on a doctor. Their daughter has had a fever for three days and it is feared to be diphtheria. To properly diagnose the girl, the doctor needs to see the her throat but she refuses. The parents give the doctor permission to use force since it may save their daughter. After a long and difficult struggle, the doctor sees that she does in fact have diphtheria. During the struggle, the doctor enjoys the struggle and is glad she fought him. “A Visit of
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Addie is bedridden and sick. The old lady mocks Addie for being sick and having to take medicine. Addie tries to defend herself but is falsely heard as being mean. When Addie insults the old lady, the old lady gossips about it being her birthday. Since this is a home for elderly women, this is taken as doubly offensive. Not only did she say she was now one year closer to her death, but insulted her by implying that she was crazy due to her age. Marian then joins in by asking her how old she now was. This causes Addie to start to cry until she was like a small lamb. It is then that Marian decides to leave the home. When the nurse ask her if she wants to stay for dinner, she simply keeps running. This is because she does not want the old ladies to have control over

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