The Struggle Of Addiction In 'Crank' By Ellen Hopkins

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I have chosen Crank , as my short story. This story is written by Ellen Hopkins , It is very interesting and yet inspirational to a lot of people. Many people can relate to this type of book because they have been "flirtin' with the monster." As stated in chapter 1 of “Crank” , This book is different than others , it is wrote in poem form. With short paragraphs and words all over the page. Ellen Hopkins wrote Ccrank , which is a powerful and moving story about the struggle of addiction , she tells how easy it is to fall into the trap of drugs and also how hard it is to get away from the drugs that have ahold of you. She tells about how the kids that are least likely to do drugs , are just as easy to get addicted as other kids who are born around drug abuse. This drug addiction can lead to many vast decisions , which are not always good ones that can effect your life in many good and bad ways.…show more content…
This leads to many more downhill spirals for Kristina and her battle with the monster. When she goes to visit her dad she finds out that her dad is working at a local bowling alley where he works under the table so he can still receive his disability checks. But of course he figures no one will tell on him since some of the employees have secrets of their own going on in the back room. She stays at her dads creepy ran down apartment . Which he forgets to pay his cable bill . So she's stuck in this nasty apartment with nothing to do but listen to his neighbors yelling a each other. She walks outside where she finds this super hot guy and begins to stare his way , he asks her why she is staring and he begins to ask her name. Which in complete "wow" she says her name is Kristina , then Bree. Which confuses them both right at the start . Which he thinks is weird but they get to know each other and quite frankly he becomes her first boyfriend , whose name is
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