Katherine Paterson's Lyddie Essay

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_____________________________________________ Everyone has to make decisions in their life. Some easy and some may be really tough, such as deciding what college to go to or what book you are going to read. Decisions can lead to a good or not so good life. In the novel, Lyddie, by Katherine Paterson, it is really focusing on the young girl named Lydia Worthen, and the life she has. All of the struggles and decisions she has had to make. This story begins in the year of 1843 in Vermont. The story of Lyddie is important because it shows you the work they had to do, how long the hours were for such little pay. It just really shows how different the life was back then and how it is now. While there are some reasons why Lyddie should sign the petition, there are more reasons why Lyddie should not sign the petition. Two reasons she should not sign it are, she needs to continue earning money to pay off her father’s debt and signing it could also lead to her being blacklisted. Lyddie cares about herself and many other people. If she does not choose to sign the petition she will be able to do things for her family and for her as well. In this quote Lyddie is saying it while her…show more content…
She may lose her job and not get paid anymore. As Amelia was folding her handkerchief she was talking to Betsy about the petition. For example why she should not sign it is on page 91, which states, “Should you sign the petition, Betsy, they’ll dismiss you.” In consequence , the girls including Lyddie could be dismissed from their job for going against the working conditions and for what they want. While talking with Betsy, Amelia was stating what she thought about signing it and about Betsy. In addition to the previous quote, another reason why is stated on page 92, “I’m thinking of you. What will you do with no job? You’d be
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