Summary Of The Struggling Mexican Peso

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Each genre used different terminology and methods of writing in order to successfully convey their message to the respective audiences. The language in The Struggling Mexican Peso – Mexico on Sale for North Americans, is mostly formal throughout the article, but it does contain informal pieces. Since Baja Insider is an online travel magazine and its audience has only general knowledge of the topic, professional language is not mandatory. Yet the author of the article uses formal and specialized terminology in order to accurately explain the complex economic issue of the devaluation of the Mexican peso. An example of the formal language used: “The price of fuel was scheduled to rise by the rate of inflation in Mexico, but with oil prices falling…show more content…
First off, the article was published by a widely know travel magazine, Baja Insider. An article published by a distinguished source, makes the information reliable since the publisher has a reputation to maintain. In the Struggling Mexican Peso – Mexico on Sale for North Americans, the author also provides a large amount of recent studies and their respective source as evidence for what he states, making the article trustworthy. The second genre establishes credibility in a similar way. City National Bank, the publisher of the video, is a prestigious financial institution headquartered in California. The fact that it was published specifically by CNB gives credibility to the information provided. Another way the second genre establishes credibility, is by the way the speaker delivers the information. The speaker, David Atkinson, presents the information with a confident posture, firm body language, and he is dressed professionally. David Atkinson’s appearance and confident speaking makes him seem reliable and…show more content…
In the first genre, the author started the article with an attention getter, mentioning every currency had lost value against the American dollar in the past two years. Throughout the article, the rest of the information is organized in a chronological way. The author first presents the problem, and then the cause of the issue is introduced, followed by mentioning how it affects or benefits each individual, and finally writing possible solutions, predictions, and recommendations. The second genre, presents its information differently since it is a video clip published by a financial institution. The speaker first introduces himself and the publisher, and then the information is verbally explained throughout the two-minute clip. The structure of the second genre is organized and accurate, because the speaker professionally explains the issue in a chronological

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