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The Stutterer’s Story was written by Dr. Frederick Murray. He tells about his life growing up as a stutterer and his experiences with other people. Dr. Murray describes his most difficult times and how living with this disfluency has affected him. The purpose of this essay is to summarize Dr. Murray’s life as well as voice my own reflection on how others might view stutterers.
Only The Beginning
When Dr. Murray was nearly two years old, he started stuttering. His stuttering happened overnight. This was an unexpected way for someone to start stuttering. Most times the child slowly develops their disfluency at a young age. It is less common for someone to have abnormal speech in one day. It was a difficult time for his family to
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Murray was terrified of speeches. He was forced to speak a few times in front of his class. His teacher, Miss Fielding, did not help him overcome his fear. Due to the pressure and anxiety he felt, Dr. Murray blamed his teacher and classmates for undermining his speech progress. He explained (2008), “I was obsessed with what I did not have, and that was normal speech” (p. 33). He looked at his classmates and noticed that they did not have disfluency. Dr. Murray was stuck with his stuttering. After high school, he went to attend college at Stanford. There, he read a book called The Stutterer Speaks by Conrad Wedberg. Mr. Wedberg was an inspiration to Dr. Murray. He wrote to him and was able to set up an appointment. He was very excited to meet Mr. Wedberg. Dr. Murray exclaimed (2008), “Here at last is the miracle man who is cured of his stuttering.” (p. 60). However, Mr. Wedberg was not cured. He is able to control his stuttering to portray that he does not have disfluencies. After the two of them talked, Mr. Wedberg observed that Dr. Murray was a severe stutterer. He connected his sounds to things that may have happened during his childhood. He suggested he meet with someone to talk out his problems. Dr. Murray took Mr. Wedberg’s suggestion and met with Mrs. Gifford,…show more content…
Murray stuttering, he never thought of his stuttering as being a gift until he got older and officially accepted his disfluency as being part of him. This may be typical for many stutters. Anything difficult that happens to us, we think of it as extra baggage and wonder why God made us that way. God made us in His image and has a plan for our lives. He gave us a gift to use it for His glory. I believe that God used Dr. Murray’s stuttering as a gift to learn how to overcome his stuttering and to also show stutterers that he did not to not give up on trying to improve. Dr. Murray gave an insight on why stutterers act a certain way as well as a clear understanding of what they go through. In Romans 15:7 it says. “Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God.” In other words, we must accept and love one another, just like God has for

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