The Subjection Of Women By John Stuart Mill

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The Subjection of Women is an essay published in 1869 and written by John Stuart Mill. This essay is divided into four chapters in which Mill argues and defends women issues. Those chapters are of high significance that they analyze some important issues such as women’s inferiority to men, marriage laws, education and employment. In his essay, Mills states that women are enslaved by men and he challenges the common notion that women are by nature unequal to men. Mill argues for a marriage contract based on equality before the law and the division of powers in the home. This essay will be of a great benefit in analyzing women’s and men’s action and reactions. For there is a huge part of the novels are related to marriage issues and domestic violence. Mills’ essay helps me to interpret the actions of the characters. The characters behave according to the injustice norms and laws that maintain the male in the position of power. For example, in A Thousand Splendid Suns by Hosseini, Laila and Mariam are the wives of Rasheed who exercises violence on both of them considering himself the superior in the household. The essay will help explaining the reasons behind women silence and subordination, and Rasheed’s aggressive reactions toward women. Repression, Resistance, and Women in Afghanstan is a book written by Hafizullah Emadi. The book deals with the multiple factors that reinforce women 's oppression both at home and in society. This book provides a detailed analysis of
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