The Subjective-Objective Dialectic Analysis

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CHAPTER 6 The Subjective-Objective Dialectic The rational and the intuitive strive to remain exclusive of the other at the expense of obvious deficiencies. The rational objectifies life existence through foresight, prudence and regularity but emphasises the artistic view less. The intuitive has a contrarian view that minimally emphasises rationality but is subjective to the importance of illusion, imagination, dreaming and beauty. This separation evolved the Newtonian atomic thinking that in many respects is disintegrative but has dominated rational thought at the expense and exclusion of sociological considerations in most technological innovations. Our thinking needs to be holistically inclusive of the non-physical and intangible to quantum leap our creativity towards re-balancing humanity’s existence into godlike lifestyles. The world is awakening, albeit too slowly to the need for integration of the rational and the intuitive, the spiritual, religious and cultural through dissimilation, de-centring and disavowal of indoctrinated beliefs, forms of truths and meaning enshrined in the narratives, similes and metaphors used to reinforce our processes of intuition. Only very few specially trained and skilled individuals can avowal and simulate their thinking to the complex demands of our world today. Typically, it is those that go through the various tertiary or even terminal degrees and equivalent formal and informal journeys. Very few, very unique individuals manage to
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