The Subjugation Of Women In T. Eliot's Poetry

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ABSTRACT: The study tends to depict how Eliot treated women as mere second sex in his poetry. It further explores Eliot’s misogynic, female-hater temperament and the reasons behind this abhorrence against women. The subjugation of women, throughout centuries, from ancient to present time has been done by male in patriarchal society. Eliot in his poetry, through the allusions of myth, history, religion, literature and philosophy not only narrates the degenerated state of women but also contributes to it by his fun, ridicule and satire of women. Instead of breaking the notion of patriarchy, Eliot becomes a torch-bearer of patriarchy and contributes to perpetuate the process subjugation of women by strengthening the mechanisms of women subordination. The study tries to show how Eliot becomes a misogynist by his constant tirade against woman. Key Words: Patriarchy, misogynist, subjugation, mechanism, tirade. Introduction: Since its inception both the Eastern and the Western civilization are pervasively patriarchal. It is male-centered and male-controlled. The mechanism is maneuvered in such a way as to subordinate women to men in all cultural domains: familial, religious, political, economic, social, legal, scientific, artistic and so on. From the time of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Vedic civilization, the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Hebrew Bible and the Greek philosophy through the Middle Ages, to the present, the fair sex tends to be defined by negative traits to the
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