The Submissive Character In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Sometimes it's better to let someone walk away from you then walk all over you. Macbeth is one of the most submissive characters in the beginning of the storyline. It wouldn't be a surprise as Macbeth’s life starts from a controlling mother and moves to a controlling wife. Although soon the reader quickly learns how someone can never actually have full control over another as well as even the simplest actions have a consequence. In the novel "Macbeth" by Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth’s strong desire for power leads her to controlling Macbeth’s actions and events. However, she loses control of Macbeth that soon contributes to her tragedy. This easily refers to the common saying that those who create their own drama deserve their own karma.
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She has a great influence over Macbeth, who comes off rather weak in her defense. Macbeth has the submissive wife role being indecisive and weak while Lady Macbeth has the dominant male role being strong and taking control. Right from the beginning Macbeth is seen weaker from the letters he writes to his wife. He wrote “ Is too full o’ the milk of human kindness.” showing his submissive values as a gentleman (Shakespeare 18). Additionally, Macbeth is also scared when his wife brings the idea of murder to the table. Even after the murder happens, Macbeth says, “To know my deed, ‘twere best not know myself ” (Shakespeare 72). This shows taking charge by whatever means make him uncomfortable and making him unwilling to do many things. Moreover, Macbeth is seen weak when is is guilty for the murder and wishes duncan was still alive and regretting actions. He even hallucinates of a dagger with blood because he is so traumatized by the murder.While this is happening Lady Macbeth is almost unaffected and commands her husband to wash his hand and dispose of his close taking care of the necessary means for them not to get caught. Even before the murder you can see how incontrol Lady Macbeth was. She mentions “put this night’s great business into my dispatch and leave all the rest to me” ( Shakespeare 70 ). This basically shows how she is telling Macbeth how to behave before they commit the crime as she knows he will have trouble with the
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