Ordinary Man Who Was Driven To Commit Crime Summary

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1. The ordinary man who was driven to commit crime by overwhelming external circumstances. The author maintains a belief that society is more to blame for such “crimes” as such issues are more of a social than psychological measure. An example would be a single mom, who work 3 shifts, yet she could not make enough money to support her family. At the risk of poverty and eviction, she resorts to stealing formula for her baby and using her salary to pay her mortgage. Is she really a criminal or just a mother hustling for her family? 2. The apparently normal individual who was carried away by an irresistible impulse. Most crimes that are performed by individuals in this class are mainly crimes of passion or emotions. Crimes like this are often carried out by individuals whom under strong provocation allows themselves to be carried away by their emotions. According to the author who believes that this type of reaction is more intricate than it appears on the surface. 3.…show more content…
The neurotic criminal driven by equally irresistible but unconscious forces, the nature of which is unknown to the criminal. Most of these criminals are seen to regard his criminal tendencies as foreign to his personality and tries fruitlessly to struggle with them. Neurotic delinquents are often misconstrued as having a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality or “double personality” which is scorned by judges and others who wish to maintain the age old mentality that divides mankind into black and white spectrums as well as the belief that we are responsible for our own impulses and control our own destinies. The author also implies that a large proportion of offenses often happen in reaction to sudden excruciating mental stress. The author also believes that a combination of psychological and practical consequences of the offense then combine and compelling the individual deeper into
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