Starbucks: Behavioral Management Theory

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The effective leadership is a major difference different between a successful organization and unsuccessful company. The reason is labor efficiency mainly depends on the enthusiasm of the workers. From 1971 to the present, Starbucks has nearly 21,300 stores worldwide in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. This lead Starbucks has 16 million staffs. This is a serious and important problem about how to manage these staffs. This is the reason why Starbucks must adopt a new and helpful management theory in order to form a new management system. There is a management theory called Behavioral management theory. Our company will be utilized in the future. Behavioral management is raised by Abraham Maslow theory.…show more content…
At first, there’re will be a professional training sessions to managers to help them learn this new management system. Through this training session, managers will know how use a new way to connect with their employees. And they will know how to motivate their employees in different situations.The second step is to study our employees who work in coffee shops. To find which kind of working modes or environments that is their favorite and let them relaxed.
The third step is printing the contents of the behavioral management printed on the staff handbook, and appear in the new management system to every Starbuck’s stuffs on the Internet. During the process of changing the new management system, there will be have some “stumbling blocks”. For example, the cost of printing Questionnaires is too high. The reason is there are almost 16 million staffs. So we must prepare over 16 million questionnaires. So, in order to save money and to protect the environment, there will be an electronic version of the questionnaire that will be sent to each employee 's mailbox. And employees only need to send it again after they answer a questionnaire. The reason is there are almost over 21,300 managers from every Starbucks coffee shop. So, the number of training sessions will be very high. This will cause a large number of money to be spent
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The Training Supervisor will hold every training session and introduce this new management theory to managers. Their main responsibility is to promote this new management theory, and help managers to master the new management theories quickly. The CFO will evaluate this new management system weather is suitable for Starbucks depend on the financial data. And they will keep an eye on the company 's operations and makes reasonable budgets s for all projects. Information Technology Manager and Information Technology Manager will design how to appear and introduce “ Behavioral theories” on the Starbuck Corp 's official website. IT managers will organize the information of employees’s questionnaires and find employees’s favorite working mode. The total fee is $16 million that using this innovative management. Information technology will account for 40 percent of the total cost. The training sessions will make up 30 percent of the total cost. And other costs will be utilized to improve the environment in which employees

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