The Successful Management Theory Of Starbucks And Behavioral Management

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The effective leadership is a major difference different between a successful organization and unsuccessful company. The reason is labor efficiency mainly depends on the enthusiasm of the workers. From 1971 to the present, Starbucks has nearly 21,300 stores worldwide in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. This lead Starbucks has 16 million staffs. This is a serious and important problem about how to manage these staffs. This is the reason why Starbucks must adopt a new and helpful management theory in order to form a new management system. There is a management theory called Behavioral management theory. Our company will be utilized in the future. Behavioral management is raised by Abraham Maslow theory. The definition of behavioral theories is every manager should concern about their employee behaviors and motivations. The first advantage of behavioral management theories is it can help managers narrow their relationship between employees in order to help managers to manage these staffs easily. The second reason is this will let every employee working more efficient. The plan of this new management system will let every manager of Starbucks change their original management style that used the classical management theory. At first, there’re will be a professional training sessions to managers to help them learn this new management system. Through this training session, managers will know how use a new way to connect with their

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