The Suffering Of Female Character In The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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The suffering of female character in the color purple The color purple is an epistolary novel, which means it 's written in a letters way by the American author Alice Walker in 1982. Alice walker is known for her race and gender writings, also she tends to focus on the African American literature. In this novel Walker puts the life of a black female in 1930th under the light. You may ask yourself why and the answer definably will be the noticeable suffering they were living in. The main characters in this novel are Celi and her father Alphonso, Nettie, celli 's husband Albert Johnson, Sophia, and Shug Avery. It is about a girl who writes letters to god telling everything she had been through including the abuse by her father because once he had told her you can’t tell anybody except god.
In the color purple, the novel discusses numbers of painful issues. In the black society, between the sexual and emotional persecution, the political and ethnic situation in the nineteenth century also the suffering of the color people especially women by the white people and their families. not to mention the class differences and the humiliation of the poor that lives just to serve. this novel bests to call the humanitarian epic. Celi and her younger sister Nettie lived a miserable childhood and adolescence with their sick mother whose married to another after the death of their father, which gives the step father an excuse to rape Celi in an attempt to compensate what lost in

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