The Sui Dynasty: Pronunciation Song Of The Great Wall

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Sui Dynasty The Sui Dynasty (pronunciation “Swei”) is the fifth dynasty. This dynasty lasted for about 38 years; it ruled from 581 AD to 618 AD. When the dynasty inded in 618 the way it ended was that Yang's own mistress or (wife) assassinated him. The most famous ruler was Yang Jian. He was one of three rulers who ruled this dynasty, but this was one of the most famous and productive emperors. How he was productive was that his dynasty helped the rebuild of the Great Wall. His dynasty rebuild about 2 very long sections. The Sui Dynasty was often compared to the Qin dynasty. How it was compared was that both dynasties helped contribute the same sections of the Great Wall. Also it was because they both barely lasted a generation. But the effect of those not lasting a generation was that another dynasty would overpower them; either before or right after they ended. Both dynasties countries were right on top of each other. The origin of the Sui Dynasty was China same as Qin Dynasty. Sui Dynasty…show more content…
The Grand Canal is the World Heritage Site; it is the world’s longest canal or artificial river in the world and a famous tourist destination. The Grand Canal is for trade purposes and to reunite China from despair. After the Sui Dynasty fell, the canal was still being repaired and was being built bigger and bigger. Another construction project was the rebuild of the Great Wall of China. The Sui Dynasty was one of many dynasties that helped rebuild the 5,500 feet of the Great Wall. The Sui dynasties built part of the wall through the parts of eastern China. The Wall had many dynasties that contributed to the effect of the 5,500 foot wall that is still used today for tourist to visit, just not as much because it is crumbling apart. The wall has towers for watchmen; which would watch each side for enemies. Their would be holes in the wall so that they could shoot a bow or a gun through and also be protected at the same

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