The Sumerians Of Mesopotamia

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The Sumerians of Mesopotamia are very interesting, and intelligent people they were the first to create many things that are used as an everyday necessity in our society today. They were the first people who first settled down in Mesopotamia or also known as the land between two rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. Today, Mesopotamia is known as Iraq. This statement was declared in the article Ancient Mesopotamia - The Sumerians by Mr. Giotto’s Site (website). The Sumerians of Mesopotamia are well known as being inventors. Some of their famous inventions are the wheel, the cylinder seal, plow, the sail boat, advances in mathematics, and the writing system known as the cuneiform. The Sumerians had small villages and cities all over Mesopotamia. Furthermore,…show more content…
The Sumerians most famous invention was the cuneiform writing system. A writing system created entirely by the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Furthermore, the cuneiform also known as “wedge shaped”, was a writing system that used pictographs. There were symbols made by a sharp stylus that is then pressed on soft clay. In addition, the Sumerian writing system had similarities to the Japanese no da construction as stated by Fumi Karahashi in the book Studies In Sumerian Language And Literature: Festschrift Joachim Krecher. Furthermore, the tale of the Epic of Gilgamesh, cannot be forgotten because it was the greatest reported Sumerian literature story written entirely in the cuneiform writing system. Next, there was the cylinder seal that was used to sign documents and art historian treated the cylinder seal as if it was a prized position. As a result of them believing that the designs carved on the cylinder seals reflected an artistic style from that time period. Furthermore, the Sumerians were divided into four types of classes. Which included the priest and rulers as the highest class, followed by the middle class that was made up of merchants. Next, there was the lowest class that consisted the majority of the city-state’s people, and finally the last class was made up of the slaves. The slaves, also known as mountain girl and mountain man. Were captured due to the battles that occurred in Mesopotamia. The Sumerians of Mesopotamia built the temple Ziggurat of Ur, in order to worship all of the gods from every city. In addition, The Ziggurat of Ur was an enormous temple and was constructed to have many stairways leading up to the sky, for it can be as close to heaven as possible. The Sumerians of Mesopotamia thru out their lives created many amazing things that are being used in today’s society such as the wheel. If the Sumerians never existed, how would the world be today. In the world,

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