The Summer I Turned Pretty Poem Analysis

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In the poem, “The Road Not Taken,” the short story, “The Reunion, and the novel, The Summer I Turned Pretty authors show how characters come of age through their own actions by making decisions and psychology or emotional revelations. In the poem “the Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the main character has to decipher two roads. The two roads have different outcomes, eventually chooses the harder path and resulted his/her best decision. The narrator sees a fork in the road. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,” The two roads represent two decisions that will make the narrator have to decide. It connects to the statement because he/she first sees two decision. Finally, choosing a path, which in this case was the narrator’s best decision.…show more content…
Belly have just found out that Conrad Fisher and Jeremiah’s parents are getting a divorce. Conrad made an insensitive joke and angered Jeremiah. Before they were about to get into an altercation, Conrad left. In the same room, there was only Jeremiah and Belly. Belly comforted him. “I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. He was really hurting.” (p 166) Belly grabbed Jeremiah’s hands and squeezed to make feel comfortable. As Belly was holding his hands, she could tell that he was hurting by the divorce. This connects to the claim because since the Fischer’s family is crumbling apart from the divorce. She could not stop the divorce but could comfort her friends. Second reason why she have grown is when she have just found out about Susannah. The boys had just got into another fight. Belly thought it was about the divorce, but it was actually about their mom getting breast cancer again. Belly was the last person to know about this information. Belly stayed in her bed for that day being upset, until her mother told her to get out of bed. “Her words made sense. If Susannah me, then that was something that I could do.” (p 258) Her mother words made sense for her to get up and help Susannah. This relates because she is going to assist Susannah with anything because Belly loves her dearly and that was
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