The Summer Of Letting Go Summary

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In The Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner, upset Francesca try’s to figure life out. To Start, Francesca who lives in North Carolina just started summer. The day after school ended she sees her dad in Mrs. Merrill’s house. Francesca went into a deadlock, and thought ok maybe he is asking her a question. Meanwhile, the days went on and her mom still does not speak to her from that day with Simon’s death. Lisette, Frankie’s friend, became very busy with her boyfriend Bradley. Furthermore, four years ago her brother Simon died in the ocean from drowning by the big waves. Frankie thinks that her mom hates her and blames his death on her. When days went on, Frankie effaced herself from her parents. Late she tried to spy on Mrs. Merrill at the club.…show more content…
They came so close she would always tell people she was babysitting Frankie but really she did not want to talk to certain people. Frankie started to see a little of Simon in Frankie sky As time went on Frankie and her friends all got together and went to the beach, but Bradley and Frankie did not go in, so they took a walk. Later before they left Bradley secretly kissed Frankie. Lisette found out when she came back from, her Sunday school camp in Maine that Bradley cheated on her. A Day went on and Frankie Sky got sick and got sent to the Emergency Room. To continue, Frankie and her mother got into a fight and later Frankie’s mom was sorry. Also, Frankie found out that her dad was not having an affair with their Nabors. Frankie became very unflinching with her father’s response, to telling her mother. In any case, Frankie thought it would be best if she went, and had a conversation with her friend, Lisette. The Lisette told Frankie, I am not upset with you, its Bradley. Frankie went over to Frankie Sky’s for the last time to babysit for the last time before their family was moving. Mrs.Schyler told Frankie to keep in touch with
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