The Summit Poem Analysis

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The triumph of reaching the summit of a mountain, but more so, the climax of one’s success is effectively encapsulated in Kurt Fitz’s free verse poem, “The Summit”. The poem explores the challenge of climbing a mountain literally, as well as overcoming strife figuratively through the depiction of a victorious conquest, the feeling of being on top of the world. The speaker’s sense of accomplishment at the end of his challenge, although only momentary, is worth the strenuous journey to the top. The elegant, enlightening and definitive diction used throughout the poem crystallises the unbeatable taste of victory. The bold and vivid physical imagery in the first stanza conveys his euphoric emotions as well as describing the physical challenges of his journey through the wildness of nature. A distinct transition in tone occurs at the beginning of the second stanza as the speaker becomes mellow and personal. This is enhanced by the motif of battle imagery which restates the point that the challenge the speaker has experienced was hard fought and that his victory is precious. The poem builds up to the eventual passing of the moment, implying that although it is blissful, victory is fleeting. From the outset, the speaker adopts a tone of satisfaction and relief that he has reached “at last, the summit!”. The turbulence of nature described by the speaker complements the physical challenge conquered. Through alliteration and powerful tactile imagery, the “wild wind”, mirrors the
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