Comparing The Sun Also Rises 'And The People Of The Whale'

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Within the two texts, The Sun also Rises, and The People of the Whale, war and relationships are two of the main focuses and are present various times throughout each text. Moreover, the present themes make both of the texts parallel while staying simultaneously different adding depth and a multifaceted approach to something you would normally overlook The devastation of war occurred in both books yet it affected each protagonist in different ways. For Mike, in The sun Also rises, it was for the best for it gave him a sense of belonging and comfort yet for Thomas and Jake it was for the worse while being not only mentally and emotionally but as well as physically scarring. As you can imagine, war is a place of destruction and death that leaves a marks, both physical and mental on those affected by it whether fighting for…show more content…
The mood shifts from "It 's funny… It 's very funny. And it 's a lot of fun, too, to be in love" to "I think [love] it 's hell on earth" (Hemingway 35). Within this quote the topics of war and relationship are simultaneously taking place, Jake, who is handicapped, has an internal war going on that prevents him from pursing a relationship with Brett. Not only did the war affect him physically but likewise mentally, these flashbacks keep him awake and lead to sleepless nights and inexpressible personal tortures. All things considered the constant ideas of war and relationships are spread throughout both readings in various ways and all play a crucial role within not only the plot but character development. For the readings, The Sun also Rises, and The People of the Whale, War as devastating as it is, lays a foundation for all relationships. Moreover when reading any text it is crucial to always look at the different types of relationships, whether platonic, romantic or in a protagonist vs antagonist
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