The Sun Also Rises Feminist Essay

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In The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway writes about a woman and her struggles with herself and life. As Ernest Hemingway progresses through the story his writing style contributes to a lot of unknowns. Hemingway writes in such a way that he makes everyone really think and analyze the book to fully understand it. As people read through the chapters Hemingway places specific events in such a way that they understand who this woman is. Hemingway begins by telling you about other characters before he mentions Brett to make you aware of the time and lives of the other characters. Even with the biased opinion from the narrator in the novel they are still able to see that the woman is a difficult character. In The Sun also Rises Hemingway writes…show more content…
The vision of the New Woman is a woman who has no need for a man and is self reliant. As Jake sits in a bar he sees Brett come in and as he narrates he describes what she is wearing. “She wore a slipover jersey sweater and a tweed skirt, and her hair was brushed back like a boy’s” (Hemingway pg. 30) A slipover jersey sweater is a regular sweater. A tweed skirt is a long skirt that goes right below the knee. This kind of outfit showed more skin than one of the nineteen twenties.These are not normal garments a woman of the nineteen twenties would wear. Brett wearing this outfit is her way of showing that she is not a regular woman. The concept of the New Woman is that they do not hide their feelings , and do not follow the traditions of a regular woman. Brett is the New Woman, she has many relations with many men throughout the book. In the article “Character Studies: Lady Brett Ashley” Stephanie LaCava the author of this article tells us about Brett being damned good looking. “Damned good-looking” is how Ernest Hemingway—or, rather, his anti hero Jake Barnes in The Sun Also Rises—describes Lady Brett Ashley when she appears at a Parisian club with a mob of pretty boys.” ( Para. 1) This shows us how Brett hangs out with men more than woman pushing forward our belief that she is the image of the new
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