The Sun Also Rises Literary Analysis

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Many people are hurt by people they love. In the novel, ”The Sun Also Rises,” by Ernest Hemingway, the theme is that love always has a way to cause misery. The novel takes place after World War I when no one concerns themselves with reality and drinks a lot. The plot twists around five friends from France: Jake Barnes, Robert Cohn, Bill Gorton, Mike Campbell, and Lady Brett Ashley. They all travel to Spain to enjoy themselves at a fiesta. Robert and Jake love Brett but she and Mike are already engaged. They all meet a young and talented bull-fighter, Pedro, who also falls in love with Brett. She has a few affairs while in Spain, but in the end she goes back to Mike. Hemingway conveyed to the reader that love will always cause hardships to everyone.…show more content…
Her first husband has never shown her any affection even though she really loves him. He even threatens to hurt her if she tries to show him love, but he does not realize that he was already hurting her emotionally. Lady Ashley then falls in love with Jake, but does not want to be with him because she thinks that he is too impotent. She then falls in love with Mike because she likes his nice personality. Then she believes that she loves Romero and is split between the two men. She is wounds herself by making the decision to leave Mike because she knows that it will cause him pain, but she feels like she and Romero are perfect for each other. After awhile, she realizes that she will ruin Pedro’s life if she stays with him and decides to force him to leave. She states her thoughts on love when she converses with Jake and says, “...I think it’s hell on earth" (Hemingway 35). She says this because her love for everyone causes her a lot of pain. She suffers a lot because she loves her first husband, Jake, Mike, and Romero, but realizes that she will have to choose one man. She decides that it will be best to stay with Mike. Brett’s love for the four men is another example of the misery of
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