The Sun Also Rises

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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway published in 1926 has made it to many AP Literature tests as it has been considered absorbing, beautiful, tenderly absurd, and a heart-breaking narrative by many critics including the New York Times. Hemingway, born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1899 was in the military during World War I before he started writing novels. He won the Pulitzer award for Fiction in 1953 and Nobel Prize for literature in 1954.

Jake Barnes, the hapless, apathetic, casualty of war who had many emotions that couldn’t be fulfilled and his love interest Lady Brett Ashley, an outgoing and party-crazy divorcee are principal characters in the novel. In an article titled “Conversations with Ernest Hemingway“ it has come to light that many of Hemingway’s mannerisms are portrayed through the characters that appear in his novels.
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Lady Ashley and Jake Barnes end up developing emotional feelings for each other after he sees her at a club leading Jake to reject Robert’s suggestion to go to South America. Lady Ashley and Jake after traveling to around the world decide to split up; Jake going to San Sebastian and Lady Ashley going to Madrid. Hemingway’s use of detail in this story was very crucial to the development of the
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