Personal Statement

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My dream as a person in the life is to be successful against all odds. the surest way to be successful in this life is by going to college and earning a good degree. By being successful I mean having a job that offers stability for my family, good healthcare provision, job security and retirement plan which serves as an investment in my future. I consider it the surest way because there are no risks involved in terms of time and money spent. Unlike other careers such as being a recording artiste, professional soccer player and so much more the risk involved is high because 4 years could be spent without any tangible progress made. Going to college guarantees me a high chance of becoming successful if I earn good grades in the 4 years of my education. Since I discovered the value and benefits of a college degree, getting a higher education at this stage of my life has been my top priority. Asides from being successful, getting a college degree has been means of preparing me for how to survive in this unpredictable and competitive world in terms of being a team player, self-dependent,…show more content…
Also, I have come to realize the importance of time management which has helped a lot growing as a student. Everyone in this world has the same duration of a day which is 24 hours but how it is utilized to yield the best result of our given time is up to each person. Time management has played a key role for me in becoming the focused student I am today because I have carefully allocated the time for me to study, sleep, eat, play and work without one being a hindrance to the other in my schedule. All these have made me realize is that the challenge I faced was somewhat important but how I was able to tackle the problem which made me a better
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