Macedon And Persian Cultures In The Susa Weddings

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The Susa Weddings is one of most interesting point of Alexander’s Asia adventure. The main purpose seems to unify Macedon and Persian cultures in the weddings. Indeed, Alexander the Great intended to integrate Persians and other Iranians into Macedonians. On the other hand, Alexander aimed to solve different troubles. He had to deal with not only militaristic problems but also administrative problems. Macedon soldiers no longer did want to fight against unfamiliar enemies in unknown territories. Later on Persian government executives managed providences of the new empire more badly. In addition to them, when we examine Alexander’s whole life, the effects of Persian culture and his father’s policies constitute important reasons so that he held the weddings.…show more content…
According the book, before the Susa Weddings were hold, Alexander the Great had to make arrangements about the management of Susa. His first mission was to change the satrapy of Susa because the Susians were governed very badly by Abulities and his son Ozathres. Antropates was charged as the satrap of Susa by Alexander. Previous governors were arrested and killed because of deterioration of public order in Susa. Also, many crimes were committed by those who were at administration of countries which Alexander had conquered. These crimes consisted of being acted improperly to Holy places such as temples and tombs. These governors were at their own master to govern their cities by taking advantage of the new conquests by Alexander because he had to undertake the expedition to India for a long time. They didn’t think that Alexander couldn’t return his home safely because he and his armies had to cope with difficult conditions in Gadrosia. Other important anecdote is worded as follows in the
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