The Sweatshops In The Fashion Industry

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Hours are long. Wages are pitiful. But sweatshops are the symptom, not the cause, of shocking global poverty. (Tim Harford). When deciding whether or not to buy a new piece of clothing, people often pay more attention to the brand, the cut, the fabric, the quality, and the price. However, one aspect that rarely factors in to the decision-making process is the people behind the clothing. One giant and dangerous problem in the fashion industry is the use of sweatshops. Sweatshops are large rooms packed with underpaid workers who work under severely poor conditions. This is a problem not only affecting those directly involved but is quickly becoming a global tribulation. Firstly, sweatshops are unethical and need to be demolished. The events in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh…show more content…
Not only is supporting local designers a great jumpstart for their career, but it also ensure their labor is coming from Canadian factories that already have laws and regulations imposed against the use of sweatshops. If you show more of an interest of locally manufactured goods, then the demand from developing county sweatshops will be lowered ultimately lowering the work hours for the hard working employees that are forced to work long shifts. Thirdly, it is very important to raise awareness and educate others about the negative use of sweatshops. Roughly 250 million people from the ages of 5-14 are being forced to work in sweatshops. This type of slave labor, where pay is almost non-existent, is ruining the potential of many young children worldwide. Unfortunately, work is the only aspect of life they are guaranteed, most of them are denied an education and a normal childhood. On top of any verbal abusive they receive at sweatshop factories, some are even confined and beaten when they do not complete their tasks quick enough. Some are denied the right to leave the workplace and go home to their families. However, these abusive sweatshops are monitored by inspectors who
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