The 'Swinging Friar' Logo: An Evaluation

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The Swinging Friar should probably be in the Mascot Hall of Fame because he has an amazing and catchy design that makes him a jolly and funny character, he has an amazing impact on the sport of baseball, and is active in the San Diego community. People may think that the Swinging Friar doesn’t have that big of an impact on the sport as the Padres have only gone to the playoffs 8 times since 1958. However, he is featured on a logo of the Padres and has been vital for the team’s success since he debuted in 1958 and he also cheers on all of the Padres games. This has greatly helped San Diego in many ways as he has pumped some of the greatest fans in the world through the Padres’ losing seasons. He has also impacted upcoming stars in the minor…show more content…
As a general rule, Mascots are usually designed to be funny and jolly. Swinging Friar is loved by the city of San Diego and by the baseball world. “The Swinging Friar of the San Diego Padres is one of the more recognizable and unmistakable mascots in baseball. San Diegans love the big guy, who is always out and about representing the Padres not only at the ballpark, but in the community too” (Paranal). This is why Swinging Friar has a unique and jolly design that appeals to…show more content…
One memorable moment is when he did a video with the journalist site A Great Big Story as they also said “it's hard not to love this robed, big-sandaled ball of joy” One other groundbreaking things that he did was making a home run while he participated in the mascot derby (Gomez). He also is the one who will pump up the fans for a game, which we you think about it, it could very well help with getting contracts. Like their eight year contract for $144 million. And it's clear that he has very loyal fans as he has a ton of merchandise. Another reason why the Swinging Friar should be in the Mascot Hall of Fame is because he is focused on youth. As a general rule, mascot characters should be focused on everybody, including children. “Through the #FuturePadres program, the Padres donate jerseys, caps, and headbands to San Diego's youth baseball and softball players” ( Swinging Friar is also pictured on their website with a group of Future Padres. He himself takes part in the program, therefore he is focused on
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