The Swinging Friar

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The Swinging Friar should probably be in the Mascot Hall of Fame because he has an amazing and catchy design that makes him a jolly and funny character, he has an amazing impact on the sport of baseball, and is active in the San Diego community. People may think that the Swinging Friar doesn’t have that big of an impact on the sport as the Padres have only gone to the playoffs 8 times since 1958. However, he is featured on a logo of the Padres and has been vital for the team’s success since he debuted in 1958 and he also cheers on all of the Padres games. This has greatly helped San Diego in many ways as he has pumped some of the greatest fans in the world through the Padres’ losing seasons. He has also impacted upcoming stars in the minor…show more content…
As a general rule the mascots need to go to the sporting events to cheer up the crowd and help out the team win. This is because we have seen the big fellow on the field multiple times not just cheering, but also entertaining the crowd (Paranal). Accordingly in a recent video it showed the Padres mascot hitting a home run in the “League of Mascots”, although he scored a run he also hyped up the crowd (Paranal). He also has his own San Diego Padres logo of himself. Overall the Swinging Friar has a tremendous impact on…show more content…
The Swinging Friar has many traits that make him well suited to be in the Mascot Hall of Fame. He is very unique compared to lots of other professional mascots, has had a great impact on the sport, has been active in the community by visiting hospitals, schools, colleges, and has even donated things to youth baseball and softball players.

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