The Swiss Family Robinson Summary

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My book report for December is on The Swiss Family Robinson, by J.D. Wyss. This book takes place on an island somewhere in the East Indies. The time of the events in the book is never mentioned once. In The Swiss Family Robinson, a family is stranded on an island after their ship wrecks. They are forced to live on the island, and overcome the challenges that nature presents. As months and years pass, they create thriving farms and tame exotic animals. Ten years after the shipwreck, the family meets Jenny, who is also stranded. Days after meeting her, a British ship lands on the island. Two of the sons in the family, and Jenny, decide to leave with the ship to Europe, and the story ends there. The main characters in The Swiss Family Robinson are the members of the Robinson Family. The family consists of William (the father), Elizabeth (the mother), Fritz (the oldest son), Ernest (the second oldest son), Jack (the third oldest son), and Franz (the youngest son). The only conflict present in this story is man vs. nature. The ‘man’ is the Robinson family, and the ‘nature’ is the island (which is named ‘New Switzerland’ by the father). New Switzerland is constantly throwing surprises at the Robinsons, such as huge bears and deadly serpents, while the Robinsons find clever ways…show more content…
I liked the length of the book. It wasn’t too long, or too short. However, I would have liked to see more sadness in the story. Maybe, one of the sons could have died. But hey, that’s just my opinion. One strength of the book was that it ended on a good note. Jenny is going to be reunited with her family, and Franz will attend a European university. One weakness of the book is that it got a little repetitive towards the end. It got to a point where you could predict the events of a day. But despite this flaw in the book, I would still recommend it to my friends. This is because the book thoroughly entertained me, and I’m sure that it would also entertain my
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