The Symbolic Interactionist Theory In Society

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When humans interact, everything they do and say is based off of symbols. With the absence of symbols, no one would know to react or read the context of a situation or conversation. Cues would not be read correctly or even read at all. According to the Symbolic interactionist theory, society is socially constructed and that “truth and reality are determined by the context in which they are practiced”(O’Brien, 6). This helps explain that even if we do not realize it, we base our actions and even our responses on the cues and body language of those around us. Without these cues and symbols, our reactions would not be the same as they would be with the cues. We would not know how to react or respond to certain things and this could offend others…show more content…
When children are very young, they have not learned these social cues. They will say whatever comes to their mind, no matter how rude or inappropriate it would be. They wouldn’t know that what they are saying or how they are acting is wrong until they are taught by society that they are. They are shown and taught these symbols through the reactions of others, which help them know who they should be and how they should act. Imagine having everyone act like children. It would be a complete mess. No one would would know how to act and since no one would be able to read the symbols in our everyday lives, we would not be able to communicate…show more content…
It class we had the example of how you have been with your wife for 29 years and you speak to her the way that she expects you to talk to her. Another way it was explained was that we are a different person depending on where we are. We know how to act based on the context, like at school, hanging with friends, or around our families. Each of these situations, we act different or become “another” person. So without symbols, we would only be one person and act the same around these different groups and situations. This could sound like a good thing but it actually could be bad. Would you want to act the same what at church that you would hangout with your friends. Most people would not want to act the same. Because we are taught through these symbols that church is a place to be respectful and quiet where when we are hanging with friends, we may be more outgoing and

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