The Symbolism Of Bledsoe In Invisible Man

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Bledsoe symbolizes people who will step on anyone’s toes to get what they want. He had let his position of power go to his head and viewed things as either his way or the highway. When the Narrator stopped mindlessly following Bledsoe, he was basically banished. Being that Barbee is blind and he is friends with Bledsoe, he can signify how you can never really know someone. Barbee is blind to Bledsoe’s ways when no one else is around. Emerson’s son signifies people who just want to do the right thing. Emerson’s son could not allow Invisible Man to continue on his unconquerable journey without revealing Bledsoe’s true motive to him. In a way, Brockway’s character mirrors Bledsoe. He is willing to do anything to keep his position and will stop anyone who is in his way.…show more content…
She cares for the Narrator after his most helpless period and offers him words of encouragement. Brother Jack is a clear representation of people who want to use you for their own benefit. He reached out to Invisible Man because he realized his naivety and ability to relate to the people of Harlem. Jack wanted to cultivate the Narrator into an ideological minion and was ready to dispose of him once there was any sign of

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