The Symbolism Of Light In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein many symbols are represented throughout the book. One of those symbols is light. Light stands for life. Also, light functions in Frankenstein through knowledge, discovery, and enlightenment which are parts of life.The symbolization of light connects the story of Prometheus, a Greek god. Prometheus gave the human race the gift of light because of this he was punished. This symbolization contributes to the work as a whole through a message in the book, light of science is good until it is pursued too far. In the story of Prometheus consequences are suffered. Likewise, characters in Frankenstein suffer repercussions for their actions. In other words, the light of science in Frankenstein is creation. Furthermore, Victor Frankenstein pursued his scientific abilities too far and suffered the consequences of life.
Light begins as a symbol with the letters at the beginning of Frankenstein. Walton writes letters to his sister informing her that he is on his way to eternal light. As his letters continue, the light is described in detail. Walton is seeking out the secrets of life. Coming into the novel, Walton’s search transforms to Victor’s obsession in natural philosophy where he ventures to find the secret of life. Victor intends to let light into the
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The light allows the monster to be recognized as an ugly creature. Also, the light of the fire gives the monster warmth, however, it causes him pain because he gets burnt. This ties into the work as a whole because one of themes of Frankenstein is that the light of science is good until you pursue it too far. Just like Victor Frankenstein pursued knowledge too far and attempted to do God’s job of creation. The light Victor has seen quickly ends. In result of Victor’s creation, the light of science causes the monster depression and feelings of negativity. Pain of the monster stems from the light of science being researched too
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