The Symbolism Of Rapunzel's Hair In Disney Movies

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We all know the famous Disney movie, Tangled, with princess Rapunzel so here’s how it’s actually portrayed. It all started with the original story of the Grimm’s fairytale, Rapunzel, in 1812. Even though Grimms Tales was the original there is more insight on what really went on with Rapunzel,as in things like symbolism, sufferings, and the comparison of different versions. There is lots of symbolism in all stories of Rapunzel especially with colors. One example of symbolism is Rapunzel’s hair, “The differing symbolism across the ages of literature shows the woman 's’ hair has always been big topic of societal conversation.”(Wilde 5) In some literature we see authors and characters make a statement by controlling their hair. In the grimms fairy tales “It is hard to miss the parallel between losing her virginity and having her hair…show more content…
Another Example of symbolism in the Disney movie of Rapunzel stories is color symbolism. In these color examples I’m going to use the movie Tangled, from Disney. Throughout the movie, I noticed many color schemes that really brought together the meaning of Rapunzel. The first color to catch my eye was Rapunzel 's “spun gold”(Grimm 2) hair. The gold in her hair characterizes the Rapunzel flower that she impersonates. The second color that came to my attention was purple. I noticed throughout the movie rapunzel was wearing a purple dress. Purple is represented through royalty. Rapunzel, before taken by the witch, lived in a castle with the queen and king. Now, the colors red and black. The colors red and black stand for things such as hate, evil, and blood. Mother Gothel’s dress in the movie appears the be red and her hair is shown to be black. This is connected very well to her personality. Mother Gothel is very hateful and evil towards Rapunzel. In one of the songs Mother Gothel sings, in the movie, she sings “The world is dark,and selfish, and cruel.” (Mother Gothel Tangled) This goes to show that
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