The Symbolism Of Symbolism In The Great Gatsby's Party

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All that glitters is Gatsby’s party

Once again, the night sky of West Egg was illuminated by Gatsby’s party. Every weekend, the huge and awe-inspiring multilevel mansion on West Egg will hold lavish and elaborate parties attracting many people to its vicinity. They come from all walks of life and every corner of New York, the entire city is packed into automobiles and every weekend ended up at Gatsby’s parties. The ostentatious display at Gatsby’s is a symbol of great wealth and luxuriousness.

The man behind these extravagant parties is none other than Jay Gatsby. When Gatsby celebrates, he goes all the way out. He splurges on food, wine and entertainment, really over the top! Party guests arrive in limos and stylish Rolls Royce, and while there, participated in costume party, and played with Gatsby’s motor boats. The celebration, without
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Most notably are the famous “old money” aristocrats from East Egg and “new money” nouveau riche from West Egg. The sight of staggering wealthy aristocrats Tom and Daisy Buchanan of East Egg at Gatsby’s premise is one of the many guests that attended his parties. Professional golfer Jordan Baker featured in “Asheville”, “Hot Springs” and “Palm Beach” of the sporting life was spotted wearing a beautiful black backless evening dress and a beige cloche hat with an enameled archive tiffany pin accompanied with tortoise shell sunglasses. The magnitude of such a dressing is definitely a representation of one of the many current fashion trends. Cecil Roebuck, Cecil schoen, State senator Gulick and Newton Orchid are newly riche West Eggers who controlled the Films Par Excellence. Further out on the island came Stonewall Jackson Abrams of Georgia a civil war general who led his army to victory, was seen attending the party. The presence of these guests emphasize that Gatsby’s parties have the credentials to host rich and famous people in their own field of
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