The Symbolism Of The Fiend In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley's literary masterpiece, Frankenstein, the titular character, Dr. Victor Frankenstein experiences dreadful nightmares which were brought upon by his repressed guilt and fear of the monster he had created. In this excerpt, Shelley expertly uses strong, dark diction and the symbol of "the fiend" to create an apprehensive tone throughout the passage. As aforementioned, the tone is created through the use of strong diction; Shelley utilizes dark, fear inducing words such as "misery," "possessed," "nightmare," and "disastrous" to give the passage an almost anxious mood. Dr. Frankenstein is shown to be far from unperturbed through the symbol of the fiend, which stands for the guilt he undergoes after creating the monster. He can feel
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