The Symbolism Of The Locket

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The story of “The Locket” contained a twisted plot that focused on love, life, death and faith. The story revolves around three main characters; Edmond, his wife Octavie, and Judge Pallier. Prior to Edmond going off to war, his wife Octavie had removed a locket from her neck and placed it around her husband’s neck. This locket contained a picture of Octavie’s parents and the date that they had been married. The locket was a symbolized their love for each other and was very significant to both of them.

While Edmond was away at camp during the war, he had been reading a letter that he received from Octavie. During the time of him reading it one of the men in his camp inquired about what he had around his neck. Another one of the soldiers said that he believed that what Edmond had around his neck was some sort of trinket that was
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He wanted to know if she ever felt like the heavens would ever be able to return the dead. The closer they got to the house the more Octavie felt as if she was in a dream until she felt the warm embrace of her husband Edmond. Octavie was so overwhelmed to see her husband. She asked him how the locket had been returned to her. Edmond went on to explain that he didn’t even realize that the locket was gone until after the war. He had assumed that he had lost the locket during the war but now realized that his had been stolen.

“The locket” contained a twisted plot in that it made the reader believe that Edmond had been killed during the war. As the reader kept reading, the end was fairly predictable because of the conversation that Octavie had with Judge Pillier and the mention of miracles. What also made the story predictable is when the clergyman found the locket around the young soldier’s neck and then mailed it to Octavie. Overall, the reader feels that this was a great short story that focused on love, life, death, and
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