The Symbolism Of 'White Trash In Rosewood'

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Rosewood ‘Rosewood’ is the story of how ‘white trash’ from Sumner used a white woman’s lie to destroy a whole town, including the events that took place during their reign of terror. The black residents of Rosewood are depicted as having virtues like thriftiness, hard working, loyalty, high morals and self-control. Sylvester Carrier wears a tie and owns a piano. When two white men make sexual comments to his sisters, he speaks to them and asks them to respect the women. The white men regard Sylvester as ‘uppity.’ “How dare he think he or his sisters are equals.” is their mentality. White people are depicted as victims of their own lusts, having low morals, and no self-control. John Wright (white storekeeper living in Rosewood) banging his black clerk in the back of his store.James Taylor, attempting to have…show more content…
They kept chasing Mann and accusing him of being Jesse Hunter (who they never met, who was the supposed rapist), but he was at the auction when the ‘incident’ happened. The mob grew to over a thousand, KKK members and neighboring white supremacists joined the residents of Sumner and after a week of lynchings, rapes, torture, shootings, burning and other tortures, the town of Rosewood was gone. One white man teaches his son that he 's superior to Negroes. The boy is forced to look at lynchings and murders, is told that this makes a man. The father drags his son to a mass grave, filled with bodies. The boy says, “There’s babies in there.” The father hits him “They’re all the same” The boy realizes that his father is weak, demented and full of inhumanity. In the final scene with the father and son, the boy runs away, yelling at his dad, “I hate you!” Mr. Wright ends up being a hero, finding his conscience in the heat of the massacre, fueled by his wife! At the end, we see a shack and we hear screams coming from Fannie. She finally got the beating that she
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