The Symbolization Of The Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

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Hatchet is a novel by Gary Paulsen. The novel was published by Scholastic Incorporations in 1987. Hatchet consists of 186 pages, and is centered on the physical, emotional, and mental transformation of the protagonist throughout the entire plot. The novel begins with Brian Robeson, the protagonist, seated inside a Cessna 406 bushplane. He and his mother live together in New York; Brian is on his way to visit Canada to see his father for the summer. It is later revealed that his parents are divorced, and Brian is aware of “The Secret”, which is a euphemism for his mother having an affair with a man other than his father. The pilot, whose name Brian never really knew, gives him a brief flying lesson wherein Brian controls the plane momentarily. Later on, the pilot receives a fatal heart attack, which leads to Brian panicking and calling for help via the radio. It soon loses signal, and Brian is now alone. He is forced to pilot the plane until it runs out of fuel. It is not long before the tank falls empty, and Brian proceeds to crash-land into a lake in the Canadian wilderness and is now stranded. After Brian crashes, he swims to shore and takes a brief rest after all he had recently been through. Mosquitoes swarm him and he immediately becomes overwhelmed and frustrated. Once they fly away, Brian begins to assess the situation and examines his surroundings. He is intact with minor cuts and bruises; his body aches tremendously but he is alive, which is the most important
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