The Symbols Of Light And Fire In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Light is a form of energy and fire is combustion and energy if produced hence heat production. Light and fire are symbols that relate with each other. Fire produces warmth during the night and at the same time it produces light, although fire gives light and warmth it can also inflict pain when one is burnt. Therefore fire is good and at the same time bad, as a symbol fire shows that just as fire can provide heat so can it burn, therefore scientific progress can also cause destruction, this is evident in Frankenstein’s work when he creates a living monster who was helpful to the cottagers and later was dangerous to the human kind when he burns down safes and Felix house when they did not accept him ,also when he starts killing Frankenstein’s family members ,the pain that the monster goes through for being rejected is the same as that of Frankenstein when his family and wife is murdered by the monster. Light as a symbol represents knowledge and discovery. The best example of this is when Frankenstein’s discovers how he could create a living and let it live, his success in creating a creature that was not perfect as he expected made him despise his creation he felt fire which means he was hurt by his own creation. Frankenstein’s creation also discovered how fire gave warmth, light and yet could still hurt him.
Lightning is a form of electricity, in Frankenstein’s laboratory work there are all forms of electric charges that take place for instance when he mixes
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